How Many Hours Will You Work In Your Career?

If you own your own business or are a professional like a doctor, lawyer or engineer, the number likely is greater than 100,000.  If you are an employee, it is likely to be more than 70,000.

Together with your skills, and risk, and sacrifice of other things that would have been nice, those hours represent the economic value of “You.”  We can agree that the value is quite large.  Enough to pay for your living, and fund your retirement and leave something for the children.

Write 100,000 on a piece of paper.

Now stroke off zeroes until you come to the number of hours that you will spend, in your lifetime, planning what to do with that very large number with the dollar sign in front of it.  Be honest.

I presented this idea in a seminar once and after I stroked off a couple of zeroes someone in the back said, “Get real.  Stroke off the one.”  It is not far from reality for most people.

Most give the financial planning task to people who ask too few questions to find out what you want, do not ask enough about priorities or policies, and do not supply enough options.  Typically, they are quite interested in your current and near future resources.

Reality – most people don’t do financial planning because they don’t know how.

You might want to give some thought to learning a little more about it.  Your part is actually straightforward and knowing that part, you immunize yourself against weak methods from the others.

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