Basic Training

In 2006, FedEx ran a commercial that involved an MBA and shipping.  In essence, the MBA said, “I don’t do shipping.  I have an MBA.”  The other person then said, “Oh, an MBA.  Well don’t worry, I will have to show you.”

The value of basic training should never discounted, even by an MBA.

Consider the story of the Kansas farm boy who enlisted in the air force in the second world war.  He was a natural and the flight school quickly sent him to Top Gun school.  Within days he was out-flying the instructors.  Finally the commander said, “Son, you are wasting your time here.  We need you in the fleet” and so he was dispatched to a carrier in the Pacific.

On his first day he took off and soon found incoming Japanese aircraft.  He quickly dispatched those.  Flying further afield he found some more and shot them down as well.

Noticing that he was low on ammunition and fuel he returned to the carrier and leaped from the plane.  Upon reaching the tower he shouted, “How did you like that flying, captain?”

“You make one vely selious mistake, Amelican flyer.” came the reply.

Oops.  Must have missed the day they taught how to recognize your own ship.

They call it “basic training” because the the training is basic.

Basic as in important, as in foundational, as in useful.  Not basic as something you can take for granted.

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