More On Balanced Life Plans

Ten days or so ago I published a post “A Good Life Plan Requires Balance”.  In one LinkedIn group it has received valuable response.  The group is The Trader.

Here are some comments regarding the article.  More valuable than the article.  You should subscribe to and pay some attention to this group.

I like to simplify it in four dimensions: Spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical.  Wealth, which is one of the main areas of focus of this group, benefit from all of them, and contribute to their “flourish”.


Greg McKeown wrote “Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. The research work and commentary in this book help us to understand the four dimensions put into life actions and decisions. Great read to reflect.

“pursuing less” is an interesting idea. It stands in stark comparison to the mainstream push for pursuing more. However, it depends on how the author approaches this concept.

Nonetheless, the essential texture, or fabric, of life is unplanned. It just flows. We can choose to flow with it peacefully, or stick to one of those rocks and resist the movement. Eventually, we would get tired and the current would carry us all the same, yet we’ve bruised ourselves badly because of that unnecessary resistance. Deliberate, detailed planning is a form of resistance.

At times in life we are challenged to throw out a plan and reflect and shift — and perhaps we make a new plan, knowing it is a tool to revisit or reflect upon, not the actual destination. Being a river, we are free to not plan, but also being a river, we can humbly plan like an artist painting on a canvas.

The discussion is deeper by far than a few quotes can allow.

Have a look.

One Comment on “More On Balanced Life Plans

  1. Thank you Don! The Trader is your group too 🙂

    Your post initiated the comments. Creative, timely and lively ideas attract good discussions.

    All the best,

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