Be Able To Offer Many Tools. Choose Which One When The Facts Are Clear

If your only tool is hammer, you will tend to see very problem or opportunity as a nail.  You might think that message matters for carpenters alone, but no.  Each of us has a tendency to fit the problem to our tools.  It is difficult and often frustrating to seek out better, tools, better materials and better techniques.

If you are doing your own planning, you must early-on realize that you have a significant shortfall in the tools, techniques materials, realm.  Not to say you will fail, but you will have difficulty being efficient.  The trick is to discover ways to get access to more and then make better decisions.

If you are an advisor, think of yourself as a plumbing contractor.  You come to a job.  You examine the problem.  You go back to your truck and pick out the material and the tools you need.  You deal with the problem and return the tools to the truck  Plumbers with more tools can deal with problems more efficiently.  Plumbers with several varieties and quality of material can efficiently match to the needs of the job.

Same thing with advisors.  More tools by study and expanding your supplier network.  More materials like computers, programs, projectors, and online communication.  Better techniques from study, experience, examples and sharing with others.

A client should not wish to deal with a one tool advisor.  Being beaten about the head with a hammer is unpleasant.  Understand the purpose before deciding the tool that works.

Don Shaughnessy arranges life insurance for people who understand the value of a life insured estate. He can be reached at The Protectors Group, a large insurance, employee benefits, and investment agency in Peterborough, Ontario.  In previous careers, he has been a partner in a large international public accounting firm, CEO of a software start-up, a partner in an energy management system importer, and briefly in the restaurant business.

Please be in touch if I can help you.  866-285-7772

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One Response to Be Able To Offer Many Tools. Choose Which One When The Facts Are Clear

  1. Our profession is more like a golfer.We have to first analyze and assess before we can provide competent solutions.It is therefore important for us to constantly improve our knowledge through study,information exchange and listening and understanding our market demands.There is so much to learn our golf bag does not and can not carry sufficient clubs to address the needs of the market out there hence we have to continually learn and network for knowledge.I always enjoy observing golfers when they approach their ball it is immaterial whether it is the fairway,rough or green,the approach is the same analyze,assess and choose the right club and maximize on the slopes,type of shot and hence forth.There are different clubs for different situations and terrains.
    I can not agree with you more and thank you once again we are here to learn to refine our service and ensure we provide quality service to our clients.

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