RIP – Hans Rosling

A man I don’t know personally, but who I have admired for a decade, passed away recently. I hope and expect his son will carry on the tradition of insight and information that inspired all of us to be better informed and better thinkers.

Hans Rosling was a Swedish medical doctor and academic. His contribution was to emphasize how data, information and truth can be used to form better decisions. You may have already noticed that truth is often not very persuasive, yet Hans made it that way.

Whether you have an interest in third world statistical information or the growth of populations or not, you will learn from his presentations because you will be entertained by his presentations. A lesson in style well worth knowing.

You will learn that medical doctors are incompetent when analyzing statistical information, and that the chimpanzees at the Stockholm zoo are more likely to get information right than the faculty or students of the elite medical school -The Karolinska Institute.  The Institute decides the winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine each year.

You will be amazed at how dynamic data presentation shows you things you could not see in another way.

Good information presented with enthusiasm is a winning communication style

You will not regret the 20 minutes this TED Talk takes.  I learn something every time I see it. The best statistics you have ever seen.

TED Talks has other Rosling talks.  You can do a search. The world needs a word to describe them.  Edutainment comes to mind.

The Roslings have also provided a tool for you to play with.  You can find it at You might watch some or all of their videos.  Be a little careful, the site is highly addictive.

Good information is not meaningful until you understand it and what it means. Hans Rosling is a pioneer in making it useful.  We respect his life and will miss him.

Condolences to his family and friends.

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