What Is “Hard” Work

Good mathematicians are lazy

Why is that? Because there are things they find difficult and then they spend months finding an easier way to do them. Is it lazy to work 12 hours a day for 10 months to find an easier way to do something that takes an hour? Entire branches of mathematics have been developed to solve a particular problem. I recall a professor saying Gauss spent his entire life working on and off on a particular problem. Apparently he developed 23 solutions and that including development of several fields.

Is physical labour “hard” work?

Is playing basketball at a high level hard work? It is physically demanding.

My wife grew up on a farm and so she sees physical labour as meaningful and hard. In our modern society, there are tools and technique that solve many of the “hard” labour problems. Seth Godin recently dealt with this question. Hard Work He clarifies some variables.

In many ways it parallels the lazy mathematician situation. Does it count to create tools that eliminate physical or tedious labour?

Ultimately it is different

At university, the person who lived beside me was an amazing intellect. His version of math problems was, it isn’t a problem if you know how to do it. The problem exists only if there is no obvious solution.

It is likely that way with “hard” work.

Picasso worked at his art. In terms of time and mental energy it was challenging. Not so much in terms of physical labour. He knew how to do it, so was it hard work? Same rules apply to most other professions, callings, and vocations.

Hard work today depends on whether you know how to do it and draw joy from that contribution.

“If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” Marc Anthony

Planning is “hard” work

Mostly because people don’t know how to do it. They make mistakes. They misdirect their effort. The value is not in the plan. The value is in the planning. Planning allows you to direct your efforts better. You will tend towards situations that improve your joy.

Planning reduces limits by identifying inefficiencies. In a perfect situation, it helps you be more effective. You solve the right problems.

What you get for planning and directed effort

People who execute effective effort efficiently, will seem to be doing nothing. Easy work. We overlook the hard work that made the easy expression possible.

“Ars est celare artem.” The art is in concealing the art.

It’s like watching a really skilled athlete. Everything they do looks easier than it is. Try skating like Connor McDavid.

Do not mistake exceptional skill as a “gift.” Most of those skills have been developed with difficulty over a long time. So it is with planning. Once done, it will look like it was easy. Avoid the idea that looking easy and being easy are the same thing.

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