Objective Reality Is An Illusion

There appears to be no such thing as objective reality. Facts are a bit fuzzy. How should we deal with people who see the world differently, and simultaneously, correctly? Most of us don’t even recognize the possibility.

The different reality case

Nobel prize winning physicist Eugene Wigner suggested that people do not, in fact need not, see reality the same way. The proposition was merely a thought experiment for more than 50 years, but recently scientists at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh announced their success in proving it so.

The experimental result is still preliminary, as in not yet replicated elsewhere, but it confirms Wigner’s idea. You could read about it here.

We are not quantum particles

We should admit the possibility that other people observe situations differently than we do. The key is not the situation, the key is the relationship between the observation and the observer. We only notice things that fit with our experience, training, and/or curiousity.

If we have none of those, the observed situation does not even exist.

We are trapped by our world. If we have no experience in a situation, or its elements, or if we have no way to describe what we observe, it might as well not exist. Try to imagine planning with a person who’s native language does not have a future tense.

The reasonable belief problem

Other people hold positions different from our own, based upon identical observations, and that’s okay. In an identical situation, their meaning is different from our meaning. Life is about meaning, not about observations. Meaning is expressed as belief.

Before we can understand what’s happening, we must address their observational platform. You cannot deal with a different belief until you know about their platform. These two things.

  1. What do they believe, in detail?
  2. How did they come to hold that belief?

You cannot move them to a different place unless you address the platform.

Try adding that to your persuasion arsenal. At the very worst, you will learn things.

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