When Rules Obstruct Common Sense

People say the “10 Commandments” are not the “10 Suggestions” and they use the same logic to support any rule, however inept.

Rules are contextual. Rules become obsolete when the context is different. People should notice.

An Example

Widow wins 3-year battle with Apple over family photos

“Apple’s terms state that user accounts are non-transferable and that rights to content ‘terminate’ on death unless otherwise required by law. The firm must obtain a court order to transfer accounts to a user’s next of kin — an expensive and lengthy process.”

A simple rule and one which makes sense in some circumstances, but not all.

What have you done?

Likely too little. This article on disposition of digital assets from Canadian law firm Miller Thompson is getting old, but it shows the idea if not necessarily current exact facts.

For many, the cost to deal with the isue may be more than the value of a few thousand air miles. For others, the trouble could be worth it.

As Always.

Recognition of a potential problem is the first step towards solving it. Know the rules as they apply to you.

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