You Can’t Fake Big And You Can’t Make Slow Work

I suspect many of you have not already noticed Dennis Mosley-Williams. You should.

I understand your day is busy and 10 minutes is valuable. I submit, maybe just for today, that 10 minutes is better spent watching this podcast.


The points Dennis summarizes:

  • If small (you) pretends that they are big, you will get crushed. Small can’t beat big by pretending to be big. Schwab is big. TD Ameritrade is big. Big National Firms are big.
  • Big is cumbersome. Big is obligated to adopt unfriendly, unreasonable policies to protect itself from itself. Small is nimble, generous and human. Small understands you and your problems.
  • Want to beat big? Ignore them. Do everything they can’t do. Farm out the boring or logistical work, focus your energy on creating something amazing that will excite your market. For big to pull this off, they’d need to form a committee. You just have to open your door, call a meeting and start.

Sounds about right but so many ignore the being small advantage. Maybe they don’t fully appreciate it.

There are others in this same advice space. Seth Godin and his drive to excellence with a small tribe of followers who “want to do business with you” is one. You cannot improve on the customer who wants to be with you.

Small must follow rules

I have an old book around here somewhere. Its title:

It’s Not the Big That Eat the Small…It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow

Small and slow would be a design flaw. Avoid that. Big and fast is near impossible. Take advantage.

Be customer centric, even customer obsessed. Always be looking for great. It is not about big.

What makes you great won’t work at big scale. Find or create your niche. And work it. Don’t leave it.

Niches are profitable

GM makes about 6% operating profit on sales. Something around $1,500 per vehicle in Q1, 2019. Porsche makes 15%, more than $17,000 per vehicle. While not exactly small, I’ll bet Porsche is more fun to run. More fun yet. Ferrari makes $80,000 per vehicle. Around 30%

Bugatti is in a niche that costs money per vehicle. Too few sold to recover the upfront design and tooling costs. There must be enough revenue to justify the design and service excellence.

Big is beautiful too

Companies like Apple and Microsoft and Dell are huge, but they know how to run them for effect. Not fast though.

You too should find your passion, focus, and improve. Profits, and fun will ensue.

Watch Dennis in the video. Does he look like he has a hard time going to work?

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