If You Think You Are Helping, You Probably Aren’t

In the words of my late friend and client, Jim Knight. “I have never learned a thing being right.” Pretty much true for each of us.

Is helping helpful?

Why  do we try to make things easy for children and employees? Maybe for all others? Are we impatient for the answer? Are we robbing them of opportunity in the  guise of helping? I doubt I am alone in thinking helpers are a bigger nuisance than a value.

Helpers are the source of the rise of socialism. They know better, or think they do, and they will help you. People doing things for you is debilitating. Are they doing it to help or for the power that accrues to themselves?

Struggle matters

I came on an article recently and it summarized some of my thoughts.

  1. Mistakes are your friend
  2. Hard is good for you.
  3. Anybody can do easy

You can see the whole thing here. Why Struggle Is Essential For The Brain – And Our Lives.

The summary, 

Life is not supposed to be easy. Recall Albert Ellis’s Three musts that harm us. “There are three musts that hold us back: 1) I must do well. 2) You must treat me well. And 3) The world must be easy.”

The military has a maxim you can take to your life.

“Train Hard, Fight Easy”

From the article, “We cannot achieve anything creative without being comfortable with mistakes and struggle”

The journey, not the answer is the benefit. This is a great video on the point. From Dennis Mosley-Williams.  The Guru On The Mountain

Dennis makes a good point. Would you be harmed if you spent the time and trouble to climb the mountain, all the while thinking about your question and its meaning, and when you found the Guru he said, “Google it”

It’s the journey not the destination that makes you what you are.

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