It Is Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is generally the day men begin their Christmas shopping. Those who are able, leave work around noon so as to leave themselves ample time. Those who leave it too long may end up giving gift cards from the gas station, McDonalds, or if they like shopping online, from Amazon.

In any case the excitement begins with shopping. If not the excitment, then the stress.

Should it be stressful?

Children seem to have it figured out better. Some are concerned about how their friends will make out. Others wonder about some special thing Mom would like. Others take great pleasure in making gifts. Giving and receiving gifts are both good experiences, but I think, from observation, that children like the giving part at least as much. Be sure they have the chance.

All of us feel good about giving.

At Christmas notice who would benefit from a gift. It need not be an institution. Maybe better if it is not. The person looking at toys and putting back moderately priced ones. Someone who is trading next month’s hydro bill for this month’s gift. Those people are there and even a little help will go a long way to giving them some joy over the season. Try to be generous.

A simple idea that many of us forget or maybe never knew. $20 is not a lot of money, unless you need it and don’t have it. There are people in the world, good people, well-meaning people, people who love their family and others, who would be immensely better of with just a little money. Try and see what money means in addition to what it is.

Try to find a few people to help today.

Enjoy a stress free and joyous Christmas.

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