A More Informed View Helps You Understand

Joe Rogan does a podcast followed by millions. Some don’t suit my taste, but the ones that do are, for me, worth watching

This one is from the well-informed category. It presents Michael Osterhom and infectious disease expert talking abut Choronovirus, lyme disease, and a little about chronic fatigue syndrome. It appeared 10 March, so given the rapid evolution of Coronavirus it is a bit out of date.

It is 94 minutes long and worth the time. Joe Rogan #1439 РMicheal Osterholm Shout out to son Peter for pointing this one out. I am hoping there is a followup. While the incidence of Covid-19 is increasing exponentionally, every day adds more to the information and hopefully the knowledge.

You may find more at his department site.

People have experience, evidence and who are knowledgeable enough to know what they don’t know have useful things to say and we should pay attention.

Be Safe

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