Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Sometimes Wrong

Planning and execution are more difficult than people believe. There are several reasons. Things like poorly considered purpose, the big dream problem of inadequate resources, impatience, and lack of discipline are easy to see.

There is one that is frequently missed entirely.

The application of resources is non-linear.

Warren Buffett has expressed it this way. You cannot create a child in 30 days by making nine women pregnant today. In a similar thought, if 4 carpenters can build a house in 8 weeks, how long would it take 8 carpenters? You want to say 4 weeks but you know from experience it will likely be more than 8 weeks. Maybe 16.

Resources must be applied to the problem in adequate amount and in a way that matches the nature of the situation.

The right resource applied at the right time, in the right amount, will provide the outcome according to the context of the problem

Planning needs balance

The resources must work together. Capital, time, energy, skill, and experience each have their place. The application of each in the right way will make the plan easier to implement.

In simple terms don’t expect too much, too soon, or with too little. Like nature, problems and opportunities have their own way. Increasing the resource is often counter-productive. Be frugal. Have thin plans. Husband the resources.

You already know that intuitively. Do meetings with 4 attendees accomplish more or less in an hour than a meeting on the same point with 8 attendees?

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