The Five Keys to Success In Life

The 5 keys to success in life”






I don’t know what yours are and I don’t know five that matter for me. You can fill the list in any way you like, and your opinion will be as valid as any other. Success is not a thing, it is a way of living.

The key to failure

There is one thing that leads to failure nearly always. Trying to please everyone.

That cannot work because not everyone wants the same thing. Sometimes the things people want conflict with the things other people want. Trying to please everyone casts you in the role of fence sitter or worse.

Take a position that suits your standards and recognize that some will disagree with you.

A worthy thought to put in to your list of success keys.

“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” Ain Eineziz

Excuses are a cue. Use the cues. Excuses are part of the trying to please everybody mistake. If it is not important to you, tell people and move on. That is part of assertiveness training.

Know what you want.

By extension, know what you don’t want. Knowing what you don’t want or maybe don’t want enough to make it a priority, reduces the workload.

Be assertive.

Assertiveness is a powerful factor in success. In my experience all successful people are assertive. Not aggressive, but you won’t have to guess what they are thinking. Neither do they take offense when you tell them what you are thinking. Open communication is a huge time saver.

The assertive response, instead of the excuse, looks something like this,

“That doesn’t work for me now, but keep in touch.”

Focus works too.

When you care, focus is easy. Problems seem to solve themselves. Opportunities grow.

So, Four for the list

  1. Know what you care aout and focus on those.
  2. No excuses for the rest. If they matter, delegate.
  3. Be assertive.

Making lists is not very important and it is okay to not care about them.

It is not okay to fail to notice what attitudes and characteristics lead to success. Undertsand what you have and what you could have. Think about it and work on it.

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