Notice Your Local Charities

The Covid 19 virus is affecting more than restaurants and bars. Many charities are in trouble too.

While the current estimate is 25% of restaurants will not reopen, I have seen nothing about the survival of charities. You might want to give that some thought.

Why we need charities

For the last few generations governments have taken over much of what was once done by people. Ninety years ago, during the depression, almost no one went hungry for long. I recall my grandparents talking about neighbours who had trouble and how the others helped out. No doubt, not a perfect answer, but it worked. Governments can’t work effectively at the micro level and are very costly to run. They are fine for big programs like Employment Insurance, but they don’t address the fine detail very well.

Charities can be both huge and bureaucratic, or small, responsive, and local. While I can appreciate the work the Red Cross does, I find the neighbourhood food bank adds value too. I sometimes wonder if charities reach a point where they need a disease or disaster to justify their continued existence and therefore try less hard to fix their assigned problem. Certainly government departments tasked with a particular challenge work as hard to make the problem relevant as they work at solving it.

On of my eartly employers pointed out that people will seldom solve a problem if they are harmed by the solution.

That happens less often with local charities.

The action plan

Examine the charities you are involved with or support, and see how you can help them recover from the financial crisis. Fewer people go to church just now, so donations are way down. Maybe the local animal shelter has more rescued pets than usual. That costs.

I am sure many others have the same issues.

See what you can do to help yur local services. You would miss them if they disappear.

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