The Internet Will Change. You Will Too

The internet is either a great help or a serious problem depending on your point of view and how you use it. With the usual 20-20 hindsight we can see a little of why it has come to be that.

Seth Godin looks at how it started and grew and how, as it grew, the original factors became overwhelmed by new things. All markets work that way, The inventors and early adaptors have very different objectives and standards from the masses who come later. In business, people create systems to deal with that. When computers became common the questions presented to tech services became, again a point of view, “dumber.”

“My computer won’t turn on.” is now met with “Is it plugged in?” In the early adaptor days, that would have been unnecessary.

The article is about trust and how things change when you don’t know about the other person who is involved. Social media is trying algorithms to simulate trust but they don’t work yet. They will get better. Probably not back to the inventors chatting with the early adaptor crowd but better.

Circles, networks and the trust layer

It’s worth a little thought. All the other stuff, the non-opinion part, on the internet has value. How many recipes can you find to roast a leg of lamb? There are still recipes on page 18 of the google search and it claims 7.5 million hits on the query That’s worth something too.

The internet will change and we must too. Looking for fights and incitement hurts you.

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One Comment on “The Internet Will Change. You Will Too

  1. “Caveot Emptor” continues to be the rule of the day. The only place where you will find free cheese is in a mouse trap.

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