Why Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

My friend Brian MacKenzie has often told me that comparison fails you. I think he is right and until today had not thought about it other than to recognize that comparison is to an ideal and that ideal limited in aspect.

A more complete idea. 

Comparison works for you if you use it properly. It rests on the idea of three points and how they relate.

  1. Where you were
  2. Where you are, and
  3. Where you want to be

This description of a system works for goal seeking, too. In that case the comparison is to the goal instead of a comparison to someone or something else.

This podcast deals with the issue.  Greg McKeown and Benjamin Hardy

The key point

The space between where you are and where you want to be is “The Gap”. The space between where you were and where you are, is “The Gain.”  Measuring the Gap is always depressing. Shortfall.  Measuring the Gain is always uplifting. Achievement.

Which do you measure?

The takeaway

  • Understand what your comparison means to you.
  • Appreciate your accomplishments.
  • Focussing on accomplishment is more motivating than focussing on shortcomings.


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