The Study Of Infrastructure

We have known for decades that infrastructure leads outcomes. It does it ways that are not always clear in the beginning. For example the existence of the railroads permitted many other useful developments. Mining in northern Ontario, large scale wheat farming in the west, manufacturing expansion away from the water in the east.

Who knew what the internet would provide? Or might yet provide.?

Will AI be a huge structure that allows thing we have not seen yet? Most likely, and after we see them, they will be obvious.

A difference

Today infrastructure spending by governments tends to follow rather than lead. More of it a way to seem to be doing something rather than actually accomplishing a lot.

If you want to anticipate what will happen you need to pay attention to private enterprise. Who are the innovators? Are they doing new things or are they developers of something that exists?

What is going on in the research facilities? What method of building computer chips will overwhelm the current methods? Will quantum computing become normal?

If you look at how infrastructure is organized you can gain insight into what is likely to happen and the volumes that are expected. This image will give you an insight into the relative expected traffic going to the afterlife.

It’s not clear on how that gives you a trading advantage in this life, but it is worth thinking about.

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