Yesterday Was Chi’s Birthday

Our dog Chi, it means energy, has been with us for nearly fourteen years. How fast the time passes.

He is a black pug. We got him because¬† we had a good experience with our daughter’s “Leo,” and black pugs shed much less than fawn ones. Pugs are the most wonderful pets. He has been a blessing through the years.

Here’s Leo, who started it all.

Chi at ten weeks. First day with us.

Willoughby came a year or so later

He was a character.

Chi’s pug friends together

The oldest of our family pugs is Leo standing on the couch. The youngest, Willoughby, is with Kathryn. Both have passed.

Chi loved the snow and still does for a minute or two.We had to build race tracks for him to run on.

He didn’t always stay on track

He has a good friend, Chris, who visits his Mom And Dad across the street.

Chi Looking for Chris

Here’s why he likes Chris.

Resting with Will

Resting with bunny

With buddy Leo

I wonder if treats are involved.

This guy, Riley, is the newest addition to our dog group.  A first dog for his family too. He will be bigger than the other three together. This is him a few months ago on his way to his new home with his new brothers. You could follow him on instagram


Time passes quickly.  Chi is now more tech savvy. Checking his email.

Happy 14th birthday my friend. And many more.

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