How Society Is Changing and Why

I find podcasts useful. Some of the ones I like best are at Uncommon Knowledge. A publication of the Hoover Institute at Stanford. This one is two years old and I was amazed at how it sounded quaint.

Heather Mac Donald on How the Delusion of Diversity Destroys Our Common Humanity and Open-Minded Curiosity

It’s about 40 minutes long and worth some time.

The questions that arise

  1. How much further can it go?
  2. Can the people caught up in it ever get away?
  3. Will institutions change back or evolve to something entirely different?
  4. How is there any advantage to victimhood?
  5. Will personal responsibility resurrect as a desirable goal?
  6. Is objective truth worth anything?
  7. Has freedom of speech succumbed to personal censorship?
  8. Do we any longer understand why personal discipline works?

The big question we each must address. “Do our experiences and our personal values still have a place in society?”

What’s happening and why?

“In times of great change, experience will be your greatest enemy.” John Paul Getty

You might want to understand that before you advise your children or attempt to make sense of it all.

I find Thomas Sowell helps. A one hour video Common sense in a senseless world. There are dozens of other videos and countless articles.

Why the difference from what you grew up with? You will find his views are dissimilar to those in politics today in one consequential way. It is found in his book, “A Conflict of Vision” It is about how you understand human beings.

The essence is Sowell believes in a constrained view of the world. “those who have a constrained vision of the human condition deny our capacity to reconstruct the human world according to our desires, believing that the best we can do is to check or redirect the inherently selfish impulses which are man’s permanent legacy; in their view, the power of government is a suspect instrument to this end.”

The unconstrained view believes otherwise. “those who believe in the malleability of human nature will, as Rousseau did, hold society responsible for all human suffering and will therefore seek to transform society according to their vision of human perfection, normally by extending the power of government.”

The quotes are from this 1987 review, “A Conflict of Visions by Thomas Sowell”

The probability of quick societal change

Have you noticed in yourself how difficult it is to change even the simplest things? How long these changes take?

Do you really think the government can change how society thinks and behaves for the better?

You must manage what you can. That is primarily yourself.

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