The Essence Of Success

Success is not so hard as people think. Most failure is the result of the inability to follow simple rules.

Overcoming that issue involves some observations. The one most people who fail don’t use at all is from the late H.L. Hunt,

“Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work”

That is the essence of planning. Vision, marshall resources, set priorities and a time scale, get busy,

If you want to make it more complete. you could add another step after priorities and before implementing. Choose some methods to apply your resources to your vision. Tactics. Is there a tool for that. Or a method others have used successfully. History has provided efficient solutions for many problems.

There are questions if you like questions better.

  • What am I trying to do? Maybe, What’s the goal?
  • How do I win?

And the one that gets in everybody’s way. A deal breaker because it is not addressed soon enough, if ever.

“What’s the hard part?

How planning works.

When you look at planning as organized common sense, you find the “hard part” is what separates the winners from the losers. Everyone knows you cannot get along without saving some money and avoiding debt. Managing taxes matters. Having skills to earn enough money matters. Having a sound family structure matters. That’s the idea of “simple rules.” What’s the deeper meaning of a successful plan.

So what’s the “hard part?” 

Pretty much discipline and motivation. Most of these fail because people never assign an answer to the “WHY I am doing this?” The don’t often find an answer to the “Why am I not doing something else.”  Why and why not supply motivation. The methods and the resource allocation have a reason you understand and support.

Discipline cannot follow unless there is a reason, an emotional one, to follow the path. Like I like security, family achievement, and personal growth.

Discipline by itself is never enough to get you through.

The hard part is deciding on and keeping up with an emotional reason to carry out the plan. It’s hard, not because it’s difficult, but because no one thinks it’s important. Tell yourself the why and why not part of your goals. Be sure to help others (children and employees) see the need to do it for their own goals.

Success however you define it, simple rules, and a powerful reason to follow them is the collection of thoughts you should bring together.

I help people have more income and larger, more liquid estates.

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