Learning A Little About Economics

Economics is known as the dismal science. It deals with scarcity, and we all dislike scarcity.

People every time and everywhere want more than they can have. We all know the feeling. Because of scarcity we must learn how to allocate our scarce resources to make the most of them. It is about priorities and preferences. It is not adult behaviour to live as if scarcity is not a real thing. It is even less adult to look to get resources from someone else using the government as agent.

Learn to manage resources to get the most from life.

“Life does not ask us what we want. It presents us with options.”  Thomas Sowell.

Learn to make decisions amongst those options to optimize the benefit your resources provide.

While you are at the planning and choosing, think through how to get more resources. You’ll find it involves time, skill, and knowledge cheerfully traded to your fellow citizens for money.

I help people have more income and larger, more liquid estates.

Call or email don@moneyfyi.com in Canada 705-927-4770

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