Some Questions For The Premier

I noticed a newspaper article yesterday talking about how Toronto area hospitals are overcrowded and covid patients are being moved elsewhere.

‘IT’S TRAGIC RIGHT NOW’: Ontario hospitals in ‘crisis mode’ as ICUs top 800 COVID patients


I have questions.

  1. We are 14 months in and yet this headline could have appeared a year ago. The response, i.e. lockdowns, seems to be the same. What has been happening during the year to better protect people?
  2. Roughly 60% of new cases are in the Toronto area. What is the government doing in that area to reduce the number of cases there?
  3. The area comprises less than 40% of the province’s population. Is it possible there are things that could change there and affect their case count? If they know why this area is much higher, what are they doing about it.? If they don’t know why, what are they doing about finding out?
  4. Why do other health units have very low rates compared to the GTA? What are they doing better or differently? Could those factors be made to appear in Toronto area? Consider crowded housing. Are cases in apartment buildings more common? Consider aged people outside long term care? Consider public transportation and crowded work spaces like factories, warehouses, and offices.
  5. The results in Long Term Care were much different per capita than the population as a whole. Why are they still blended with the rest of the population? Does that blending obscure what is happening?
  6. Why do the risk mitigation initiatives in the rest of the province need to be the same as in the Toronto area?
  7. What is the Reproduction factor by health unit?

Show your work.  That means support your answers with evidence.

Where you don’t know, say so and provide your best estimate and how those are moving towards knowledge. Models are not facts. If you want to refer to them, provide the logic and dataset that underlies their functioning.

Would the 30th of April be time enough to complete your work?

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4 Comments on “Some Questions For The Premier

  1. ALL …Excellent Questions Don However, unfortunately there are 2 problems. (1) Politicians are making the decisions …both provincially & federally; and (2) common sense is not too common…especially when it come to Ford and most policiticians. Cheers from BC…where the weather may be nicer but the daily case count is steadliy getting worse.

  2. Exellent. How can we get this kind of common sense in front of Ford? His attention is obviously monopolized by the wrong people.

    • Uh oh….don’t tell me Christine Elliott has become his surrogate mother. That might explain a lot. Ha ha!

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