Which “Estate” Are You

In France prior to 1789, the social order was 4-part:

  1. The King and Queen
  2. The First Estate being the clergy
  3. The Second Estate being the nobles
  4. The Third Estate  being the commoners, Рpeasants and the bourgeoisie

As time passed and as other parts of society acquired influence, a fourth estate became identified. The fourth estate being the print media

Broadcast media and magazines came to be included with the print media. In Canada there was a TV program called the Fifth Estate, but broadcast media seems to have become part of the Fourth Estate.

There is a Fifth Estate now. It is the blogosphere. It is a form of media like the fourth estate but culturally separate. It is very narrow and has followers who tend to share the views of the publisher. It is a bit like a boutique versus Walmart.

There is a Sixth Estate forming. Long form podcasts are one aspect of this estate. I don’t think Joe Rogan fits anywhere in the earlier estates, but he clearly has influence in society. There are others, like Uncommon Knowledge, that present information in unique ways. Deeper than just a story of the day.

Internet based media like Ben Shapiro, The Blaze, Best of the Left, and ProPublica are growing and while they seem to fit into the Fifth Estate they are different than blogs.

Substack doesn’t seem to fit anywhere easily either.

The gist of the estates is they represent power areas in society.

You will notice they are changing quickly today. They are becoming diverse too. We are not sure how it will develop and turn out but we can be sure that the monarchy and the first two estates have become near powerless. At most influencers.

The third estate being voters today may or may not have any power. It depends on how you reform the election process. There are machinations that may disempower them too.

Times change and it is worth your trouble to understand.

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