Go Woke! Go Broke!

Coca-Cola started down the woke road and is now reversing course.

Is Coke Rethinking Woke?

Others have not been so lucky. Take Basecamp. They tried to go the other way and let politically active people leave, with a nice severance package. Didn’t work as well as they hoped.

Can you define Implosion

The point of interest.

Businesses are not social agencies. They run on different rules. The facts are much more clear and the application much narrower than society as a whole. Businesses manage conflicts. Society seems to want to homogenize them.

Businesses know about tradeoffs. Society wants cost free solutions.

Please notice

Running society by business rules wouldn’t work either.

Even Dilbert knows.

Ceo Wants To Get Involved In Politics - Dilbert by Scott Adams

Elon Musk has suggested that you should rethink any strategic move that could end up in a Dilbert cartoon.

Looks like the Go Woke decision is prohibited.

Pretty sound selection heuristic.

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