Should Politics Override Tax Privacy?

On the 9th of June, in response to a Newsweek story I posted, on social media, a diatribe about privacy of tax information and how the media used their ill-gotten horde to mislead the people.

This story is extremely disturbing and amazingly misleading. Nonetheless I suspect it will influence some of the people who don’ think about things much.
First – How did this information come to be in the public space? Presumably the idea of the privacy of tax things has been voided.
Second. People pay tax according to the rules. You can only “avoid” by staying within the rules. Without knowing anything about the details there is no way to assume paying no or little tax means anything. Buffet for example gives more than a billion a year to charity.
Third. Income tax is a tax on “Income” and wealth has nothing whatever to do with it.
Fourth the idea of mixing income tax and wealth is for just a single purpose. To make people envious. Envy is likely the stupidest feeling one can have.
This is a disgraceful performance. I wonder how it will end. Probably commanded from on high, so no one will be dealt with.

Today I found another article castigating the IRS and pointing out more thoughtful points.

New Leak of Taxpayer Info Is (More) Evidence of IRS Corruption

The ethics of the Obama administration seem to have found their way into the Biden administration, and not to our benefit.

I wonder where it will end. Maybe your tax filings should be public information. Are you okay with that?

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