Cheap Is Expensive

My late friend Mo often said, I can’t afford anything that cheap.”

Good advice.

It applies to more than things with a price tag.

A fine article on The Waiter’s Pad on the 14th makes the point. Mike relates to writing. More is less. The technology of word processing means you don’t have to plan so carefully or write efficiently.

It’s easier to write a long piece than a short one even though both may contain the same information. ”

“I apologize for such a long letter – I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

Mark Twain

People don’t read poorly constructed long articles.

It’s about efficiency

Efficiency always has a price and it always has a reward.

  • If they are efficient, computer programs are easier to maintain, consume fewer resources, and run faster. Simple is better.
  • Appliances with add-ons break in more ways.
  • Laws that cannot be understood at first glance have more loop-holes.
  • Confused plans are never executed.

There are more costs you can assess 

From the article,

“To think like an economist is to think about costs. Cheaper tends to equal more, not only price but ambiguity, uncertainty, time and whatever frame a person looks through. To consider costs broadly is to think about design.”

Design is expensive, but it will be cheaper than paying the costs that arise after a cheap build.

The takeaway.

Effort spent on design and research saves time, money, and trouble in the long run.

Make the investment.

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