Change Changes

Anyone who saw June 2021 from June 2018 is likely lying, but just possibly there are some that prescient. I am not among them.

Just as 12 September 2001 is more important than September 11, 2001 what you are doing about the differences is what will serve you best.


If you are adaptable, you will do as well as you can do. In times of change, that is quite good. Consider Charles Darwin’s idea:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change”

The key is to get ahead of the change. If you wait for old normal to return you are in deep trouble.

Old normal relies on old situations and consequently old experience. Oil tycoon J. Paul Getty offers advice.:

“In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.”

I think we can agree the current world we enjoy is “different.”


The skill parallels entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs create to suit the context the find themselves within. You don’t work at what you do best. You find what people want and then find a way to provide it.

In times of great change look to the world around you before you focus on your own talents.

If you wait for the need for your skills, you might mist clear opportunities.

Where to look

People are more risk averse than they were three years ago.

People are less healthy than they were. Many have gained weight. Few have maintained strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Some will be injured when they try to regain form.

Inflation is an issue. It might not continue. part of the problem is supply-chain problems. If governments continue to respond stupidly, it could become chronic.

Many businesses are having trouble finding workers. Be first if your former position is lost.

As time passes, it is likely China will be seen to be untrustworthy and perhaps malevolent. Some of what is currently produced in China can be repatriated. Look for things with smaller labour component. Some Chinese products are expensive enough that a local competitor could compete on price, even if that became necessary.

Regulation is likely to be worse in future. Know the limits. The requirements for businesses with 25 employees are different than those with fewer. Subcontracting component manufacturing, even internal services like accounting or engineering,  can make sense.

The media will continue to lie and be very narrow. Find your own information sources. Most of the important news never makes the air.

Look for other places more challenged that we are. You might already be able to help them profitably.

Learn the value of mistakes. Your experience is mostly shaped by what you have done wrong. If it is no longer reliable, you will need to get new experience. Mistakes are your friends.

Consider acquiring new skills.

Support others. Many, especially children are near PTSD conditions. Be kind. Seek help if it is you.

Listen to others. We are feeling our way and others have lights we can learn from.

In short

All of life creates success based on how well you can fit yourself to your society, culture, community, and other people. In short your context. We have become blind to that connection. Now it may be quite different. You will need to relearn.

Be like a child. There are many new things to learn and use.

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