Will There Be a Rising Of The Unwoke?

When I was in high school, one of my friends commented on how a group of our peers behaved. “They’re so far behind, they think they’re first.”

A little cynical, but in the case he referred to not entirely wrong.

As the world has come to be in the past decade, I wonder which group I am in today. Not such an easy question to answer.

  1. Does woke reflect a reality?

  2. Can it survive and become the societal paradigm?

  3. Are the woke the leaders or have they fallen behind real progress and become confused about what they cannot be in touch with?

  4. How will they feed themselves?
  5. Will the unwoke just move away?
  6. Will the unwoke be able to change the paradigm to something productive?
  7. How far along the path will the woke go before they can see the dystopian space they create?
  8. What will motivate them to change or will they fall victim to cognitive dissonance and refuse to change their mind?

I don’t think the questions have answers yet, but change begins with questions not with answers.

That is exactly the opposite of how “woke” has been implemented.

Be a thinker.

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