Anticipate Some Changes To The Playing Field

I am trying to learn enough about critical theory, intersectionality, and wokeness to have a sense of the ideas. I have a feeling there are two streams to follow.

  1. There is something to it I don’t know and my life will be better once I grasp it.
  2. There is nothing to it but chaos and trouble and Agatha Christie has it pegged.

“One must have common sense, nothing is permanent, nothing endures. I have come to the conclusion that this place is run by a madman. A madman, let me tell you, can be very logical. If you are rich and logical and also mad, you can succeed for a very long time in living out your illusion. But in the end….in the end this will break up. Because, you see, it is not reasonable what happens here! That which is not reasonable must always pay the reckoning in the end.”

My simpleminded approach to everything has been, “if it doesn’t work, it won’t last.” The rich madman is an interesting twist. I suppose if the wealth of a government can be obtained for use by a madman, it could last a long time.

So far, my study has indicated that there is something to studying the wisdom of others. Some of that experience is hard-earned and worthy. Other aspects arise from misunderstanding what works, at least in a different environment.

Ultimately every social  structure is defined by its limits.

Wealthy countries are like wealthy families. They were not always so. Somewhere the made a step towards wealth and it worked. They built on that. Wealth gives you more choices. They did not consume their wealth, but invested in new ideas, new processes, and new inventions. They invented better structures to operate within. They deferred wealth to the future.

The failing in the wokeness seems to be they have not yet considered how they replenish the wealth they have available to address the wrongs they see. Redressing wrongs is essentially past-oriented. We cannot repair the past, we can only learn from it.

In focusing on wrongs, we can easily miss what was right. That harms the ability to sustain the wealth the new version will require.

The Breitbart Doctrine claims that politics is downstream from culture. If you want to change politics you must begin by understanding the units of culture and change those – people.  1) Change people. 2) Change culture. 3) Change politics.

The current format seems to be grab power and change politics. Assume you can change the people once you have the power. That is the opposite of the Breitbart Doctrine.

Top down change works so infrequently as to be something one usually  ignores. What if you cannot change the people? Changing people is a formidable task and changing all of them is unlikely. It is ultimately deciding the answer to a simple question. Which is true?

  1. People don’t change much and they build structures that accommodate all, or at least most. The respect others, they share, they build resources.
  2. People can change to the ideal f the societal structure is appropriate. I must have been away the day they explained how that works. Who will decide the end result? Will it be imposed? My experience says that which is imposed is opposed. How do you overcome the resistance while building resources, sharing, and respecting each other?

Seems to be that Option 1) would work, while 2) must fail. The source of the problem is impatience. It took nearly 300 years to get option 1 working better. It is likely option 2) would fail in a few decades.

Forty-two years ago a very wise person told me that if Communism worked, it would eventually evolve into capitalism. The point was times change and systems must change to accommodate those changes. The evolution is towards allowing people to express themselves in ways they value. Freedom. No top down demands.

A curious problem and not easily resolved.

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