How Hurt Are You By Truth?

Ben Shapiro has been described as the fastest talking Jew on the internet. Was he insulted. Maybe, but his response is instructive. “Facts don’t care about my feelings.”

We would all be wise to take that thought to heart.

Facts are objective

The media seems to be obsessed with feelings and so much of what would otherwise be objective facts are suppressed. If obesity is a meaningful contributor to adverse results under Covid-19, why does no one says so. People might act to minimize their risk. If their feelings are hurt by the observation, so what. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

When you ignore reality

Reality is durable. It is still there even while you ignore it. There is an important outcome that is harder to ignore. The effects of reality will intrude on your everyday life. Like a surprise.

Surprises complicate life. Better to recognize reality and adapt to it. Even take advantage of it.

Seek out the context that does not disappear when you stop believing.

Not all ignoring involves dismissal

Sometimes you misdiagnose reality. You don’t see the advancement. You do it based on your knowledge and experience base. The part to recognize is that reality changes and your experience does not. For example, science is about discrediting what is known and replaces it with something larger that includes all or parts of what was previously known.

Beware of old knowledge and experience. Knowing what is no longer true is risky. You cannot be right by applying things that are no longer true. If you know nothing, you retain the option to be right by accident.

There is no cure for curiousity. 

It’s fun to pay attention to what is changing, how, and why. Even better to estimate what it means and where it will lead.

That seems to be a life enhancing advantage.

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