Banning Guns Is An Occupational Health And Safety Issue

The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act has a fairly clear objective. “The main purpose of the Act is to protect workers from health and safety hazards on the job.” That seems about right and I expect every similar piece of legislation in any jurisdiction would have a very similar purpose.

How does banning guns fit?

Most people think it would be a bad idea to have employees with guns. That probably makes the workplace a more polite place though, so banning them would minimize that. There would be fewer shoot-outs in the parking lot, so that would be good.

What about burglars?

In the United States, burglary is not very common, while in England it is. Could it be that banning guns has made the burglars workplace far safer in England. In the United States people breaking into a home in the middle of the night could rationally expect to be shot. Not so in England.

Car hijackers probably enjoy the same advantage.

Criminals don’t obey rules

One of my brothers pointed out they obey “most of the rules.” The drive on the right hand side of the road, stop for red lights, and fill their prescriptions at licensed pharmacies. I think it fair to say they obey all the rules that assist them and fewer of the ones that don’t.

Regardless of the rules, owning a gun seems to be one of the things they would do. Because it would be to their advantage.

The regular citizen would not own a gun because they were not supposed to. That works out for them unless they meet a criminal who has a gun. Then what?

I saw a cartoon recently where someone phoned 911 and told the operator that someone with a gun had just broken into her home. The operator responded, “That’s impossible, guns have been banned.”  I must say, I didn’t immediately think the response was impossible.

Objective reality

Laws don’t accomplish anything unless they are enforced. Any proposed gun control bill will be just so many words. There will be a penalty provision. Maybe even a severe penalty, but there will be no action that guarantees compliance. Stop and frisk, Oh My No! Interdict the smugglers. Too difficult. Search a farmer’s house to be sure his guns are absent or stored in a costly vault. We could do that.

Citizens are not as dumb as politicians wish. I expect as they talk about more stringent gun control, that gun sales will rise.

The takeaway

The politicians can count on the support of criminals should they decide to ban guns. It make for a safer workplace.

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