The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil

A classic judgement. Many people have not thought through the whole idea. What is the root of all Money?, “How does it relates to the idea of evil. You should learn more about the ideas of¬† “root of all money” and “root of all evil” and how they connect..

One more level of thought helps.

Understanding the underlying fundamental

People lose track of the difference between getting money and earning money.

For this purpose we must notice that earning money is about exchanging values. If I have something you want or need, and my price is acceptable you will trade your money for my product or service. If getting money is key, then there is no exchange of value involved. Someone has more money and another less, but there has been no exchange of value.

Exchanging value requires skill and effort

For some, it is therefore undesirable. Some others are incapable for reasons external to themselves. Creating value, processes of production, and engaging customers is not simple. Some don’t have the skills. Others, don’t have the energy, attitudes, or ambition to take that route.¬†Getting money becomes the only option.

Getting money is different

The getting of money is actually not easy either. First you must find a situation where there are people willing to trade something for nothing. Clearly only a prosperous society can create the necessary conditions. But, do they want to do it, and to what extent?

The first of the people relying on getting money will be the activists, trading on the guilt of the successful. The key point with the activists is they must continually escalate their reasons and their demands. If they do not, they will become valueless and disappear. Eventually they must politicize their theme. Governments are good at the nothing for something game. Politics does not lend it itself well to the idea of value exchange, so the money seekers will fit easily.

The world we live in

Most of us have an inherent idea about cause and effect. Deserving of the outcome is a thing. Earning money fits well both practically and theoretically. If you are part of that theme, you will have trouble understanding the people who seek only to get money.

Here is some help.

In 1959, management theorist, Peter Drucker pointed out the possibility of another structure. Yes, it was 1959. You could look it up. The book is The Landmarks of Tomorrow. In that book Drucker addressed ideas previously not considered important. The idea of a knowledge worker arises here. In more primitive societies, product was valued more than intellectual property. Today that has reversed yet some still see getting money by people who produce nothing physical as being unearned.

That thought is easy enough to deal with. But, what about getting money for nothing of any value. It requires a different structure. One where the provider of the money does not know what it buys, and cannot refuse to pay.

Drucker addressed the ideas of patterns, process, and purpose. and how they would affect society. These ideas are much more complex and provide room for activists to seek redistribution of wealth and the use of governments to change familiar relationships. Entitlements flow from the pattern of society rather than individuals matter most.

A thought of Drucker’s has proven prescient. It involves unions and their purpose. By the 1950s most of the reasonable adjustments to the employer-employee relationship had been achieved. W conditions, safety, wages, and security were mostly addressed. Drucker believed unions would be forced to politicize to retain their power. The ones that have survived are very conscious of the political process.

The choice

Earning money is more controllable by individuals, while getting money is controlled by society at large.

Earning money is innocuous. It is only possible if other people will trade their money for the product and be happy with its fairness. That money is by agreement between the provider and the user.

Getting money is an entirely different process. There are no values to observe and there are no limits on the demands the pattern may create. The people who need this approach need have no scruples because there is no value set to create a limit. It is very hard to be evil when value is exchanged. It is very easy to be evil when there are no limits.

It is very difficult to become or remain financially independent if you rely on getting money. You have no control over the pattern that provides you with the money you need. Little growth is possible beyond the limits of the pattern. The people who provide the money may resent it and find ways to avoid paying.

If you want control over your life, you cannot rationally choose the getting money method. Improve your exchangeable value and you will prosper.

Think it through and behave accordingly.

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