Why Invention Is Difficult.

Inventing, whether it be new products, new beliefs, new methods, or new relationships is not so easy that anyone could do it. It only works when the inventor can understand the future.

Why? Because that’s where the invention will be used. It must fit into the environment then. It might have no relationship to the environment now. Context matters. If Jack Dorsey invented Twitter in 1961, how would it have fared? Not so well.

The trick is to take the resources you will need and see how the ones present today will grow to accommodate your idea. It is often easier to see something people will want, but unless you can match it with the delivery  system required, little will come of it.

Sometimes the best ideas are finding a way to make the product deliverable. Is Elon Musk in the electric car business, or is he in the battery business with the cars required to show what is possible? I sometimes think Honda makes cars and other things as packages for their motors.

The takeaway

Inventions must work in their future environment. You must have the idea about the want or need and you must have the tools to implement it. Ultimately invention is about anticipating or creating the tools you will need make an idea usable. That’s why most good ideas never come to pass. The price to get the infrastructure is too high, or the pieces needed haven’t been invented yet.

Paradoxically, only good ideas can cost you a lot of money. No one has ever lost much money with a bad idea. Because no one will invest much in bad ideas.

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