What’s The Cost of Disorganization?

It goes beyond the cost of a cluttered refrigerator. Disorganization saves a little because putting something in its place costs less, but the later cost of finding it again, or finding the thing that should have been where you stuffed the pickles is large. Efficiency says have a place for things and don’t put other things in that place.

Planning and organization cost

The question you must address is does that cost save more than the cost of disorganization. Most people who are organized would argue yes. Recent example.

  1. Person left a friend’s apartment on Friday and didn’t take his wallet.
  2. Friend went away for the weekend and he could not get back in.
  3. He had no money so borrowed some to get through until Monday
  4. Friend decided to stay away until Thursday
  5. Went to his bank on Monday to replace his bank card but they wouldn’t without ID
  6. Decided to go to the friend (100 miles away) and get the key
  7. Had another friend drive him there
  8. Got the key
  9. Car developed a broken tire on the way home.
  10. Spare tire didn’t fit
  11. Need another tire but were on the side of highway
  12. Friend has no bank card either.
  13. Not enough cash for another tire.
  14. No CAA membership
  15. Spent the night on the roadside.
  16. begged enough to get tire the next morning.
  17. Driver friend had to go somewhere else
  18. Left first one at GO Station with no money for a ticket.
  19. Borrowed enough for gas to get brother-in-law to pick him up
  20. Both missed two days work.

Answer this.

How much would it have cost to check for the wallet before leaving?

Less or more than the cost to not do so?

Organized works. It has always been so. The aphorism “A stitch in time saves nine.” is ancient. So is “for want of a nail.”  They persist because they are right.

Planning pays dividends

Planning is just a form of organization, but in time as well as space.

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