Old Science Knowledge Is Near Valueless

I read a well-written article about some science related to Covid-19. I found it intriguing to notice how little of it made sense to me. As I have grown older, I have noticed that some things are not so obvious as they once were. I think the world of information has evolved to a state where much of it is beyond amateur scrutiny. That adds to my observation that gravity is getting stronger.

You could look here if you want.

Mass spectrometry used to develop N-glycosylation profiles for SARS-CoV-2 D614G

What I learned

  • Scientists have better tools than I have ever used.
  • The S protein is the target for vaccines. I knew that, and it has two parts, S1 and S2. I did not know that..
  • Each piece has three parts.
  • S1 binds to the cells using the ACE2 protein. S2 works inside the cell.
  • The S1 goes through a change that hides it from the antibodies
  • There are variants of concern (VoC) and variants of interest. (VoI)
  • Variants amend how the S proteins are constructed.
  • The newer variants’ are more infectious.

{Here it stopped making sense to me}

There is a complicated picture though.

Something to think about.

variants of Concern and of Interest move scientists to study the ones of concern first. If they are easier to transmit and more lethal, or evade vaccines, we should know. Seems reasonable.

But what if

In the war, aircraft makers used the bullet holes in returning bombers to assess where better armour would help survivability. Only places where there were no holes were armoured. The theory being that ones hit there, did not return.

If the VoI are infectious, but near harmless, and do not evade vaccines, would it not make sense to infect everyone with them. Would the antibodies be able to deal with the VoC variants too. If I could get a Covid-19 Variant infection that was near harmless, then it could outcompete the more serious versions. Seems like an easy way to vaccinate everyone and it is likely a more multidimensional defence than the current vaccines.

Antibodies made this way would notice all parts of the virus, not just the S-Protein.

I think there are epsilon, iota, kappa, and lambda versions circulating. Might be a thing to watch. Eventually there will be a variant that is easy to catch and barely noticeable. A helpful antibody builder.

Watch for it.

The takeaway

There is always another way to approach a problem

It is impossible for a non-specialist to do much research.

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