An Exercise In Consolidating Power

I believe there is evil in the world. I believe there are people who disguise their real motives to acquire power, wealth, and prestige.

Is this version of reality possible.

In 2008 people thought someone would try to assassinate Barrack Obama so he chose Joe Biden as VP to neutralize the risk. No one would want that transition. Mr. Biden was seen to be a gaffe machine.

In 2021, Joe Biden is the president and cleverly chose Kamala Harris as VP to prevent impeachment. So far that seems to be working. Some have suggested that Kamala is too phony to be a politician. She is out of favour with the party elite.

Maybe it is not so simple as Joe remains for his whole term..

Consider a what-if.

Suppose the Democratic party hierarchy decides Joe has to go, but Kamala would be a greater liability still. What to do?

  1. Make Kamala an offer should could not refuse for her resignation. I don’t know what that would be, but it seems likely there could be such an offer.
  2. Appoint Michele Obama VP
  3.  Have Joe resign, impeach him, or invoke the 25th amendment.

The options

  1. Joe resigns. Easy, simple and complete.
  2. Impeach Joe. Probably would not work because there is no chance Republicans would support anything that permitted Michelle to be president.
  3. 25th amendment. Could work.

The only variable that matters is whether the appointment of Michelle Obama would be confirmed by the house and senate. Might be a problem. Others who know more than me might have input.

If she or some other presidential aspirant could not be approved, then in the normal course of succession, the replacement for Joe Biden would be, wait for it, Nancy Pelosi. That one is harder to analyze. Maybe she would be good. She is certainly a skilled political operator, but what does she want for the people. It seems all of her efforts are to enhance her own and her party’s power. Not much of a governing advantage for the people. Still, not impossible.

Ask yourself

If the powers behind the throne decide to replace Joe Biden, will they do it for better government or will they do it to enhance their own power?

How do you think evil works? For you or for themselves?

That’s what I thought too. Maybe we are both cynics.

Might make the basis for the script for a horror movie.

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