Be Grateful Above All Else

Gratitude is the most powerful thought you can have. It is the forerunner of all other virtues and the defence to many of our weaknesses.

I saw Willie Nelson in concert many years ago. He is a very complex person on the surface, but a very easy to understand once you get by the surface. He claims it took him a while to catch on to the gratitude thing.

“When I started counting my blessings; my whole life turned around.”

Willie has had a challenging life, but you have to admire his joy in concert. It is contagious.

His advice for each of us.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”

The world around us seems so chaotic, but if we look there is still much good. There are people we disagree with but nonetheless that person probably agrees with us on 9 out 10 things that we each find important. When we see the positive part of others we can respect them and that leads to finding solutions for everyone.

When you become negative, step back and  see what there is to agree with on the point.

It is not enough to just complain. That’s whining. Every good complaint includes what you think should be done about it and how it could be brought to pass. Maybe even your personal contribution of time or other resources.

Finding solutions to difficult problems is among the most satisfying things a human can do. It’s like we are programmed with that need. Don’t overlook the opportunity.

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