When Two Things Can’t Both Be True?

It is dishonest to pretend different things are the same. We confuse ourselves when we believe two contradictory ideas are both true.

Case in point

From conservative media I hear, “Joe Biden is senile” Some left leaning media comments this way once in a while, too.

At the same time we find them attributing responsibility to him for every misstep.

  • Afghanistan – Blood on his hands.
  • Afghanistan – complete incompetence, must have overruled the military high command.
  • The economy – should have seen inflation.
  • The pandemic – Has no plan to deal with vaccine reluctance but propaganda
  • Covid-19 origin – Let’s just kick that down the road
  • The border – Wants more non-Americans to vote
  • Foreign relations – Does not care about our allies
  • China policy – probably has been bought
  • Honest elections – seems dubious

Quite a list


If he has lost command of his mind, then how do you attach responsibility to him for the outcomes?

Occam’s Razor

Based on observation, Joe has become at least somewhat senile.

Others are making the decisions and he is announcing them. That is his role. Charlie McCarthy to Edgar Bergen.

Any commentator who assigns blame to Joe Biden is playing the wrong game.

We should be identifying and investigating the puppet operators.

The real questions

  1. Who are the people making policy?
  2. Are they making decisions to benefit the American citizens?
  3. What is their intermediate to long term agenda?
  4. Do they have any experience making non-theoretical decisions? Ones with real world consequences.
  5. When they make a poor decision do they pay a price? Why not?

The obvious conclusion

Assuming Joe is senile or close, there has been a bloodless coup and the country is lead by {taken over by} as yet unknown people.

We could and should speculate about who those people are. If we know, we could estimate their future actions based on their known intentions and their commitment to the American idea.

If their real intent can be derived from what the puppet has done so far, what should we do about it? Can we do about it?

Why we should care

People plan. They cannot do that effectively unless they can predict the context of their future existence. The value of planning is not so much in assessing what will change as it is in assessing what will not change much. That is a very difficult question just now.

How many people would prefer to make their retirement, or their children’s education, dependent on the kind of propaganda and actions currently being employed by the unknown coup leaders.

If you look out even five years, can you anticipate how the country will behave and the rules that will apply. I cannot, with one exception. I think there are at least 80% of the public who will act in their own self interest. When they do, they will tend toward co-operation and community instead of shaky ideas and autocratic behaviour. People will naturally work toward solutions when they are unimpeded.

It is chaotic. Order is better. People will wake up and deal with this chaos. We may think today’s young adults are not as tough and honourable as the ones who built America. I think you will find otherwise. It is partly selfish. The young have far more to lose than we fossils.

The takeaway

  1. When people have more to lose, they are more careful, in the economic and social sense.
  2. People will seek simpler answers.
  3. People will see through propaganda because even upon cursory examination, you can tell it is propaganda now. It will get easier.
  4. Honourable people will deal with real, but not with imagined injustices.
  5. The American media will be totally discredited and will not survive. Of the people I know who think about things now, none use American corporate media. Many use European sources, some Skye news. A few Al Jazeera. They think you can find truth if you have many sources unconnected to propaganda.
  6. Social media platforms will be made liable for their actions against individuals. They will become like public utilities or be destroyed.
  7. “Disappearing” {the verb} information will be disallowed. Search tools will be forbidden to adjust results based on ideology. How many of you have looked for information on a controversial topic and found that what does not appear at all on Google, but does on Bing or another source?
  8. Demand evidence and honest cost/benefit analysis for every pronouncement from government.
  9. Unnamed expert opinion is not evidence.
  10.  Assess the motivation for the pronouncement. If you can’t see how it benefits the people, it likely doesn’t. Never confuse government spending with investment.
  11. Preserving history as a way to see behaviour to avoid or admire will be a thing.

There are two rules of life:

  1. Things that don’t work, won’t last
  2. Things that are useful will eventually appear.

Be brave. Deep down you know you are right.

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