Life Balances

When you take accounting you learn about debits and credits. It comes clearer if someone explains the idea of outcomes and source of funds for the outcome.

For example, I incur an expense or buy an asset – debit, and balance it with a credit to some other account. Could be cash, bank or accounts payable.

The debits must equal the credits or there is a lot of work finding the error

Have you ever thought about how life balances?

Suppose I declare myself to have a right. An asset. Therefore, there must be a credit somewhere in the system. Something that gives effect to that asset. It could be a reduction in assets someone else owns, cash or bank, or an obligation they have accepted. Accounts payable.

There are two kinds of rights

Think of them as negative and positive.

Negative rights are the rights I have to be left alone, or to acquire something with my own resources. These rights are more natural. Think of the right to speak my mind, even if no one takes it seriously. One of their rights. Think of the right to not be arrested without due process. Think about the right to practice my religion. There are others.

I can enjoy these rights without placing a cost on anyone else in society.

Positive rights are different.

Positive rights are something I claim as a right, but in so doing I impose a duty on others to provide it. Housing, healthcare,, education, minimum income, and more. That would seem to violate any right others have to be left alone. They might prefer to keep their money.

When governments provide me with a right I could not claim and also enforce the funding of that right, they have essentially become armed robbers. They are taking from some by threat and giving it to others.

Governments much enjoy giving things to people. They have nothing of their own to give. So they must take from someone who has something.

The end result

The end result of legislating all positive rights is the same. Someone gets something for nothing and someone else gets nothing for something. To add insult, the nothing for something group must additionally pay all the overhead required to get the benefit to the beneficiary.  Governments are not especially frugal and so the final give up can approach double the price of the benefit bestowed.

It pays you to think one layer deeper.  Eventually the nothing for something crowd will stop participating, then what happens? It is hard to take back something once given as a “Right.”

There is an election coming, you might want to think the process through.


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