Precision Doesn’t Create Truth

Precision is persuasive though. It can lead you to arrive at unwarranted conclusions.

For example:

As you iknow Tesla vehicles are highly engineered. Have you seen the formula they use for the air in their tires.

Nitrogen – 78.1%, odourless, colourless, not flammable, non-toxic

Oxygen   – 20.9%, paramagnetic. (affected by a magnetic field, like around electric motors.

Argon     –    0.934% , chemically inert. Relatively expensive.

“Other” gas mixture – 0.066% includes this mixture in the order of their share of the 0.0066% — water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, various oxides of nitrogen, neon, and helium

Many people see this complexity to be part of the Tesla value system while other see it to be a nuisance If they should need to top up their tire pressure, what will they do? Maybe Tesla  provides a cylinder of the mixture for use in emergencies.

Not to worry

Tesla service centers can provide the mixture and other service centers can too.

The mixture described is the mixture in the air that surrounds us. Tiny variations from place to place might affect it but you can pump up a Tesla tire with any air pump.


  1. Did Tesla advanced engineering and precision make it seem possible?
  2. Why did you think Tesla would use something other than ordinary air?
  3. Did the details confirm an unproven idea you already had of Tesla’s high-tech engineering?

Each of us is easier to persuade than we believe. We should watch for too much detail as a hint something else may be going on.


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