Think about Ubuntu

If think a day when I learn something is a good day. Yesterday, I learned “Ubuntu.”  Up until then I would have said it was a Linux-based operating system. It is that of course.

Ubuntu is a philosophy

It is a very workable philosophy and one that was prevalent in the Western World, albeit unintentionally, but for some reason is being lost.

You decide if its loss matters

To understand the loss, you must know what it means in the Zulu parts of Africa. It is pretty simple really.

It summarizes a phrase: “”Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” That means “A person is a person through other people.” Ubuntu, the summary, means, “I am because you are.” What a complete way to show the value of a relationship. I think it would be a worthy addition to a wedding ceremony. Oft- repeated, I think it would help keep the relationship strong.

The philosophy is still developing as more people study it. It is not yet as deep as the philosophy we have come to value, but it certainly is deep enough to be considered useful. We are all interconnected and Ubuntu addresses that idea.

The Billionaires

Would Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or Bill Gates  be wealthy without Ubuntu? Maybe but it seems unlikely They benefit and we benefit by using their skill at delivering products and services we need at prices we can afford. They are wealthy because we buy their wares. We are well served because they respect us and provide excellence in exchange for the money they receive.

How would they have done if they did not respect us nor we them. If we thought Microsoft products were overpriced or potentially harmful, how many would be sold? Some, but far fewer than what were sold. Same for Amazon. Excellent service and selection and they become dominant. Sloppy or unreliable or mis-promoted product and they would not have a fraction of their business.

Economies work best when people cooperate. That’s the  basis of capitalism. We do better when we work together.

How does cancel culture fit?

Simple answer – It does not.

The idea of tribalism is counter to the idea of mutual respect and cooperation. If we accept Ubuntu, we are better by being together.

How do the cancel culture crowd see the advantage to mistrusting each other? What’s the end game?

Before we go far down the road of being mutually parasitic, we might want to consider the advantages, if any.

Think it through.

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