Assisted Societal Suicide Is In The Works.

Not so long ago assisted suicide was a controversial and often debated topic. We have heard very little of it recently. The pandemic blunted many discussions, the lunacy of the progressives in the United States has drowned out much that would have qualified as  civilized conversation.

Government decisions around border security, the January 6th trespass, BLM and anti-fa, vaccine mandates, and climate change are well past too much to contend with. In Canada the boy seems to be interested in further self-aggrandizement, the destruction of the oil industry, helping friends of the party, and jet assisted vacations.

These things have little to do with responsible governing and a lot to do with acquiring power and playing political games.

Questions arise

Are these just the manifestation of other assisted suicide ideas?

  • Are net-zero emissions in homage to the climate crowd and zero Covid to address the need for emergency powers for the governments? If your answer is yes, then we are looking at assisted economic suicide.
  • Is the acquisition of, and the use of emergency power, a form of assisted democratic suicide?
  • Is the ability to lie when everyone knows you’re doing it the end of assisted suicide of respect for government?
  • Is intersectionality the suicide of cooperating citizenship?
  • Defund the police? There may be a dumber idea out there somewhere. God knows there a plenty to choose from for comparison, but really??!!
  • Does anyone involved in this have the first clue what they are going to do if they succeed in the suicide pacts. It’s like watching a dog chase a car. What would he do with it if he caught it?

Fortunately for those who see no value in all this, only harm, there is hope.

The governments have overstepped

The problem with governments is they are impatient and arrogant. They think they know what is best for us and try to push their answer on us.

People might put up with shutdowns and vaccine mandates for a while, but unless there is a clear advantage that shows up, they become suspicious. Fear doesn’t sell well to suspicious people. If you push too far, fear becomes anger and anger becomes lost elections. The Virginia election this week demonstrates that.

The giant overstep in Virginia, and when you look around a little, everywhere else, is children. Parents might be victims of the Stockholm Syndrome in respect to their own discomfort, but risking their children with dysfunctional schooling and unproven vaccine experiments are on the far side of the line.

A fact of life is when a bully crosses the line — it is very difficult to cross back. The elected people may have to fight for their careers. The bureaucracies that have become central will retreat in disgrace, absent many of their senior people. The unions who have contributed to the chaos will be disciplined.

Other than for the pure joy of exercising power, does anyone see why any of the current actions make sense?

Let’s think about it.

Climate change is a slow moving problem and governments are notoriously bad at dealing with slow moving problems. The market works most effectively for those. Evolution of a sound answer.

Income disparity as a problem ignores reality. If every billionaire in America handed their wealth to the government, it would not pay the federal government’s bills for eight months. Never mind the juniour government. I wonder what would replace them. As I see it every one of the problems the left is trying to address, involves throwing money at it. That works quite well until you run out of money and if you abuse the people who make it, that may happen quite quickly. Money in isolation solves zero long-term problems. Unfortunately governments seem to have no other tool.

The pandemic is not expanding and the vaccine seems to be little more than a gravy train for a few pharmaceutical companies. Zero-Covid is delusional. The vaccines won’t do it because they are not sterilizing vaccines like small pox, polio, and measles. Playing with unknown technology like leaky vaccines is futile and conceivably dangerous. Governments learned little in their excitement to do something. They were lucky more than good. Do you think their efforts would have accomplished much if the mortality rate was 20% instead of 0.2%?  When there is another pandemic, what will happen? There is a new music video  “God Help Us All” by Five Times August. Maybe that’s all that’s left.

When did we decide to be governed by malicious, seemingly corrupt, and inept leaders? Maybe that’s too harsh. I like to rely on Mark Twain for balance,

“”Never attribute to malice anything adequately explained by stupidity.”

The old idea our parents taught us that if you had nothing good to say about someone, say nothing, is good advice. Just not now. Given the current power seeking  trajectory, if you don’t speak up soon, you may lose the ability to do it at all.

The takeaway

Don’t play games when there is no way to win.

Protect yourself and your family

The time to respond emotionally is past. Talk doesn’t do much. Action does. At every election in the next year work to elect people who are honourable and who can work to making the country, the province, and your city, a better place. Rule of law, cooperation, building wealth.

Pay no attention to people who have plans and who will pay no price if they’re wrong.

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