Goals Are Good But They Are Not Executable.

The first step in personal planning is not what most people think about. It is deciding who year are and what you want to be. That sounds a bit ethereal, but Dan Sullivan has has made it particularly in his the book the 4 C’s. The first of them is commitment. When you know who you are and what you are seeking, the world becomes clearer.

Goals are important but are incidental at the same time. Successful people know what they are driving for, but they make a crucial step outside the goal making idea. They build a process that leads to the goal. There is always a step where you move from some strategic idea to something tactical that you can and will implement. Successful people devise an implement good tactics better than most. The build a process that achieves the goal is very common among them. The idea of going in the right direction matters more than the details. That allows them to run and refine the process as they move forward.

What next?

Dan Sullivan’s second C is courage.

Making a commitment is not easy. It is quite fearsome in fact. You have to have the courage to carry it out in ways that are not comfortable — outside your comfort zone. You’ll have second thoughts and if you have allowed yourself the other options it will not work. If you are 100% committed and courageous, you will more easily carry it off.

100% commitment is easier than 98% commitment” Clayton Christenson

When you are 100% committed distractions and fear are less likely. You won’t have time and brain space for them.

The third C – Capability

It is fine to have a commitment to a process that leads to a goal, but you must also have the capability to carry it off. You may not have the capability in the beginning, so building it is a significant factor. Experience and education are both costly, and both necessary. Acquiring capability will be part of your process.

The fourth C- Confidence

Confidence enhances the ability to succeed. People notice and support confidence. There is no goal so easy that you can carry it off without any one else being involved. Confidence is a catalyst. Confidence is earned. It is the payback for Commitment, Courage , and Capability.

The takeaway

You cannot plan effectively until you know what you are trying to accomplish with your life.

You must commit to that description.

You must devise a method to achieve it, and you must measure as you progress.

Focusing on goals instead of processes to achieve it is distracting.

Your thought for the day, “I had thought the destination was what was important, but it turned out it was the journey” Clayton Christenson. The journey is a process.

The hard part of planning for important goals is making the transition from goals to processes.

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