Why Do Some People Choose To Remain Unvaccinated Against Covid-19?

You cannot know the right position without assessing both sides. Vaccination versus no vaccination.

When I see anyone with an over the top or shrill position, I assume I am missing something. Sometimes I can figure it out. I cannot do that by assessing my position alone.

The case in favour of vaccination.

  1. Covid-19 harms people. It is a serious disease that causes death and possibly causes long term effects.
  2. It is easy to catch
  3. In the United States, there have been over 47 million cases and of those 761,000 have died.
  4. It is very serious for the elderly, especially those in long-term care facilities. About one of every four who get it in those conditions has died.
  5. People who have the disease can spread it before they have obvious symptoms.
  6. If enough people get it at the same time, it could overwhelm the healthcare system
  7. It doesn’t seem to be “burning out” on its own
  8. Everyone who has had it will recommend you don’t get it. It hurts.
  9. Isolation and masking have effects to mitigate the spread, but are not enough.
  10. The harmful social, mental, and economic effects of isolation could be made unnecessary.
  11. We can get to zero-Covid if enough are vaccinated.
  12. People who are not at risk should be vaccinated to spare those who are.
  13. We have a duty to society to minimize transfer and the effects of the disease.
  14. The CDC says we should each do it.

A simple jab in the arm addresses all of it.

The case against vaccines.

  1. The vaccine was originally  promoted as having the following characteristics. If you are vaccinated, 1) You will not get the disease, 2) You will not spread the disease, 3) It is safe. None of these have turned out to be true. The best we can say now is, if you get the disease and are newly vaccinated, the result will be less serious.
  2. It is not a vaccine in the way we usually think about vaccines. It is more like a prophylactic.
  3. The vaccine seems to have a short period of efficacy. You will require boosters frequently. At least twice a year and likely more often that until it is improved.
  4. Case count is not a particularly helpful stat. If you test more you get more. That doesn’t mean the disease is more prevalent, it just means you see more test results.
  5. Testing with PCR is not as useful as they say. The test uses too many iterations to be precise. At 45 iterations you can find anything you want. That increases the case count but cases don’t tell us much. Cases found by 10 or 15 iterations could be a useful measure.
  6. If there was objective information that made vaccines a good choice, the government, corporate media, and social media would not require fear porn. When the government and media pushes too hard, I know they are lying. Even they are smart enough to use evidence if they have it.
  7. The death rate seems very high and so I assume their reported number is those who died with Covid-19 and not necessarily because of it. It’s a word game.
  8. Why is cheap rapid-testing not approved by the FDA? Except for the company where the head of FDA used to be CEO. It doesn’t sell rapid-test kits. Rapid testing would identify the infected earlier.
  9. Why is there nearly zero effort to provide early treatment protocols. The current version is if you test positive go home and isolate. If it gets a lot worse in five days come back and we will put you in the hospital. Doctors aren’t that stupid. They are being pushed from somewhere.
  10. If I invoke the “follow the money” rule, I find there are businesses and likely people with an incentive to push the vaccine idea. That’s especially true if it needs frequent boosters. Big Pharma loves chronic conditions.
  11. The government is seizing powers they have never had, and we are likely better off if they don’t have them. Most people use common sense to minimize the harm. The people don’t need politicians and expensive bureaucracies to tell them what to do.
  12. People need objective and accurate information. It has been so for a very long time. “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts” Abraham Lincoln.  Today the narrative matters more than facts.
  13. The opposers of vaccine are a mixed lot. Most of the really noisy ones are anti-any-vaccine. Among the rational, there are many who believe this vaccine is not proven safe. It might be safe, but how far should you go to expose yourself to might be safe.
  14. The government is proposing or has already imposed mandates to be vaccinated. Failing which you may lose your job, the ability to go to a restaurant, an arena, a health club, to fly, or to leave the country. The idea is to force people to comply with their edicts. If it made sense, rational people would take it without coercion.
  15. Are their edicts legal? I doubt it, but it would be harder still to make them ethical.
  16. The vaccine introduces risk. All vaccines do, and ones untested by conventional standards likely have more risks than we know. Maybe not, but betting on an unknowable maybe doesn’t seem intelligent.
  17. The death rate is tiny for anyone under age 60 and even under age 85 if there are few existing conditions. For many people, there is almost no risk. Without any comorbidities, a person under 20 seems to have a survival rate if known to be infected, of 99.997%. three in a hundred thousand would die. But that is of those who exhibit symptoms. There will be many more, no one knows how many, who will get the disease, develop antibodies and carry on. Children are exceptionally gifted at defeating disease. I have seen statistics that say no more than one in ten infections result in observable symptoms. That could be a guess. If true then of all children we would expect three deaths per million. Based on observed date so far, that is too high.
  18. People who have had covid-19 and survived have antibodies that are much more effective than the vaccine. The antibodies are sterilizing. They kill the disease before it harms you or can spread it to others. The vaccine is not a sterilizing vaccine like polio, measles or smallpox. Why would anyone who has the antibodies rationally choose to accept the vaccine risk for no potential profit.
  19. You should vaccinate for the betterment of the others. That is sophistry. To demand that is to acknowledge the vaccine doesn’t work very well. If anything we have been told is true, the vaccinated are not at risk. Since the vaccines are leaky, an unvaccinated person with no symptoms is at far greater risk from a vaccinated person than the vaccinated person is from them
  20. Hospitals are not overcrowded. If anything people who should be there for cancer treatments or heart problems are avoiding it. Fear is a poor counsellor. Are those unnecessary deaths being counted in assessing the cost/benefit of vaccination.
  21. There appear to be side affects coming to our attention. Particularly in younger people. CDC claims the heart problems that sometimes appear are rare, but supply no evidence of that assertion.
  22. The communication caused the problem. People do not trust the government, their agencies, and the media because of overpromising the value and executive overreach. Bullying, exaggeration, suppressing the ones who disagree, and publishing data selectively, tend to do that.

The takeaway

If I am to judge the case, I would likely begin by summarizing the presentations.

In favour

  1. Vaccines were tested before introduction and results since are compiled.
  2. Based on the testing done so far, the vaccines are acceptably safe.
  3. It is unlikely you will be seriously sick if you are vaccinated and get the disease.
  4. The death count related to Covid-19 is very high.
  5. The government wants you to take it and will make your life less pleasant if you do not.
  6. Covid-19 can be eliminated if everyone becomes vaccinated.
  7. You owe it to the rest of us.


  1. The government and their agencies overestimated the vaccine’s efficacy and continue to do so.
  2. Safety concerns are growing rather than shrinking
  3. Observable evidence exists that shows the risk of death “from” Covid-19 as opposed to “with” covid-19 is immensely lower.
  4.  The history of free people is “That which is imposed, is opposed.”
  5. Covid-19 cannot be eliminated. It will be endemic and treatment protocols will matter more.
  6. The vaccine does not prevent infection and transmission to others, so there is no clear advantage to being vaccinated in terms of improving society’s risk.


Anyone who wants to be vaccinated should be and the government should continue to make it available for them. That should include any booster doses.

It is unlikely the disease can be eradicated, so develop more and better treatment protocols.

Anyone who does not want to be vaccinated may avoid it.

Reasons for judgement

The vaccines are given now under an Emergency Use Authorization. It is not legal to do so without full disclosure of the risks.

It is unethical and likely illegal to force someone with no significant risk because of age, health. and/or the presence of antibodies to accept the risk of the vaccine with no provable benefit. The “Do No Harm” standard should apply.

The vaccine is leaky in that the vaccinated person can acquire the disease and may spread it. It is not the panacea the government presents.

People do not trust the governments’ pronouncements. Given the unbalanced approach they have taken, it is reasonable that no thinking person would trust them.

We don’t know everything we will know eventually and so there is room for opinions that turn out wrong. To help with that, spread the information we have more completely and more widely. Include the experience in other countries where the data is reliable. The objective information known should be published so a lay-person use it to help them make their own decision. Opposing opinions should be allowed when presented with evidence and sound reasoning.

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