What Informs Government Policy On Covid?

We would all like to believe it is based on ever evolving science, experience, and expert knowledge, all consolidated in an honest cost/benefit assessment.

Some of us may have convinced ourselves it is so. It”s unlikely that.

Believe what you see

Personal risk assessment – Impossible

Do you see objective evidence? Very seldom. We see case count and deaths but little more.

We are vaguely aware of how case count arises – PCR tests but have no clear information about their reliability. How many iterations are the standard? Some jurisdictions are as high as 45. Most are 35 or or so. The test seems to be find too many “cases” if more than 20. So how good are the case counts? They could be vastly overstated.

Then we have the problem of how many people have been tested. If it is only the people who are afraid of the virus, it is not a random sample. We cannot derive expectation of infection. Maybe someone knows. In the long run the expectation is likely 100%. That’s why we need to know how lethal it might be.

What does a Covid death mean? If it means death with Covid present we get one answer. If it means death caused by Covid, quite another. How can a rational person decide their personal risk and assess their best course of action. The governmental agencies are talking about 2% overall if you are infected. Testing done in California indicates that is ten times too high.

We can’t know what to do with certainty, or even balance of probability.

Government plan and implementation.

Shutdown the economy and wear a mask. More recently get vaccinated. Some jurisdictions made a belated effort to protect the vulnerable elderly in long term care homes.

Gathering information and distributing it to the healthcare professionals has seemed more as obstruction than help. Why are doctors, especially emergency care physicians, prevented from using their best judgement for treatment options? Why does the college sanction those who step outside the government’s preferred narrative?

It seems moreĀ  like information management than emergency management.

Inferring what’s behind the government policy?

Given the hesitancy to commit to anything, it is likely the policies are not driven by science, (reasonably objective), published models, (capable of analysis and critique,) expert opinion, (none disclosed), or reasonable projections of the future. In fairness, the information may be scattered and is certainly incomplete. I hope they are using better information on case counts and deaths than they use to terrorize the public.

What else is possible? Being politicians, the tendency is to sample public thought and address policy towards the public’s expectations. Is it possible they are doing surveys to discover public opinion and setting policy from there. For example, if a majority of the public expects mandatory vaccines, would they deliver that without any science to support the value? I think yes. I can see no other reason to do it. The unvaccinated are at more risk from the vaccinated. Many have antibodies superior to the vaccine.

Sampling public opinion tends to get more emotion than rational thought. If 50% of the people think theya re about to die form the disease, it is not surprising to see the plan they use.

The governments have treated it as a health crisis and have responded as if it is uniquely that. It appears there was no emergency measures office that had a plan and implemented it. In the long run it is a health issue. In the short run it is not. All the while, they have been expanding their power.

Some governments have unreasonable goals. Zero-Covid like every other zero, is fantasy and anyone who pays any attention knows that.

The takeaway.

Government seizing power is not in our best interest and never has been.

Coercion is the easiest policy to oppose. People know they have nothing to offer or they would be using it to convince.

Covid is political and no longer medical. It was never a Emergency Measures priority. Politicizing a health issue is unethical.

The health agencies have lost credibility and may not help people make good decisions in future. Will some mistrust all vaccines now?

We deserve better.

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