What’s The Most Interesting Thing You Heard About At Age Eight?

For me, that’s easy.

We had a next-door neighbour who was very old. I found out recently he was 81 when I was eight. Eighty-one doesn’t seem so old anymore.

He was confined to a wheelchair and spent a lot of time on his porch. He was an interesting guy for a curious kid. Tools, what they did, and how to use them. How to recognize trees by their bark and leaves. Weeds and flowers. We had many good talks.

The most amazing one was his story about the year that had no summer. I wondered about that for a long time and revisited it once in a while until I finally convinced myself it was true. That was barely a month ago.

There was a year with no summer. 1884. It came about because of the eruption of Krakatoa, the immense volcano between Sumatra and Indonesia. It spewed material far into the atmosphere and affected weather and especially sunlight all over the world.  Given that agriculture was the primary industry then, it was a very difficult time.

It was beyond reasonable at age eight. True, but nonetheless strange.

Interesting possibility.

Edvard Munch’s famous painting “The Scream” was created in 1893. Experts have opined that the sky in the painting may have been drawn from Munch’s memory of the dusty sky in 1884. That sky must have been spectacular.

The bit to take away

Things that make no sense at the beginning sometimes come together in near unimaginable ways. Truth is stranger than fiction. Be curious.

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