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I am listening to chase Hughes’ new book, 6-Minute X-ray. The idea of it is to understand the people you are dealing with better. I for one need more of that.

I first say him on a you tube presentation of The Behaviour Panel. Body language and its meaning is different than you might think. It is not as rigid as some would have us believe. Variations from the baseline matters. The old ideas might be true but no certainty. It is about understanding behaviour cues.

Most recently I saw him here

The Viva¬†Frei feed is usually worth some time. This is one of the long ones, at about 90 minutes. Sidebar With the Behaviour Panel’s Chase Hughes.

I enjoy Viva Frei and look for ward to his podcasts. He is engaging and you don’t have to guess what he is thinking. The long ones are usually about learning something useful and the shorter ones are more about what is happening in the world.

I downloaded the audio version of a book he has recently released. The 6-Minute X-Ray.¬† It’s a best seller so far.

I have only just started to listen to it, but it’s surprising the nuance we miss.

The bits to take away

We can learn a great deal about how people are interacting with you and the circumstances. You can use that information to understand what is happening and improve your approach and help the client to understand your idea better. A meeting of the minds is much easier if you know what the minds are feeling.

The greatest advantage is confidence. It’s easier when you can understand what is happening. There is little in human relations that we could not each improve.

Watch the Viva Frei feeds. They’re entertaining.

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