Words I Like and More

English is fine language for many things and if you pay a little attention, you will find words that just demand to be noticed.

Today one of my favourite words ins snollygoster. It has a pleasant sound to it and given the state of the world today it should be on everyone’s lips.

Snollygoster, noun, – “a shrewd, unprincipled person, especially a politician.” -Oxford Languages

I would be surprised if anyone had trouble attaching a proper name to the word or would be unable to come up with a picture to put beside the definition in the dictionary.

Another word of interest

Since I was very young, I liked the word yokel. Just by its sound, it is far more expressive than many words. You would have a sense of its meaning just be listening

Yokel – noun – “an uneducated and unsophisticated person from the countryside.” 

I would have added unpretentious. They just go about enjoying life and making the most of it.

It has been my experience these people are capable and tend to rely on common sense. They subscribe to live and let live. They’re fun to be around and wise in their way.

A word to add to the dictionary

Where yokel defines an unpretentious, uneducated, unsophisticated person from the countryside, there is another group that might be described as pretentious, educated, and sophisticated. They are found primarily in cities and on university campuses. (Some might think the plural of campus should be campi.) The do not subscribe to the ide aof live and let live and are a burden to have near. Common sense is applied as a last possible solution to any problem or situation.

I propose the noun – “wokel” to describe them. 

While wokels think “yokel” is a pejorative, I am sure the real yokels and many more with the same values, will come to use the word wokel as such, too.

Who needs a sanctimonious person with a terrific education and no practical skills telling them what to do. If we do a survey, I suspect we will find that the majority of snollygosters are also wokels. Being shrewd, if that stopped working they would change immediately.

The bit to take away

I am tired of people who have done little to nothing here in the real world telling me what I should do.

I am especially fed up with them telling me to do or think things that conflict with my common sense and judgement.

Am I alone? Judging by the Truck Convoy in Ottawa and the wokel response, I don’t think I’m alone. Make more noise. Wokels have little experience in doing, so they use telling instead. They won’t know what to do if enough people speak back and telling stops working.

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