Achieving Goals and Overcoming Problems

Suppose you have a huge hurdle to overcome. Could be an opportunity or a problem. What should you do?

First notice that big hurdles are easier to overcome than small. 

That makes no sense! But it does. If a problem must be solved and it is a big one, you must devote more resources to it right from the beginning. Small problems are not so crucial and quite often we do a little but not enough. Focus and attention are the key to clearing the hurdles.

If you give yourself even a little permission to fail, you will.

There is another possibility

Analyze the entire range of your approach looking for blemishes in your approach. Seek help when necessary. If you are going to work at a situation until it is solved, be aware of the things that prevent you from achieving what you want.

You will be forced to deal with those or risk failure.

Consider this thought from Muhammad Ali.

“It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.”

There are more people with a pebble in their shoe than there are people who cannot overcome the obstacle.

The bit to take away

Clear the small stuff as you go forward. Every process creates garbage. Deal with it. Be neat and learn as you go.

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